Real ChalkBoard App Reviews

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Very Nice Start

I agree that some improvements are needed ... but, I see this app apealing to BOTH kids and adults; FUN is fun. My wish list is short ... 1. More chalk colors 2. Allow for importing photos as "chalkboard" background. Enjoyed the results thus far ... Thanks for your efforts.

The chalk works not much else

Lots of issues. But the app could be ok Issues (my observations) watching kids using the app. is this app for kids or grown ups? Kids will not gravitat towards this app. Needs to be made friendlier. When a child choses a colour please activate that colour. Why do you constantly have to change the chalk thickness to activate (the wrong) colour. Kids don't want to click twice to get one thing to work, way too complex. The kids are lost finding the only tool (too hiden) they can draw with No eraser? Come on. All a kid can do is erase everything. That is really hard on them. No positive reenforcement when they make a mistake. You need a PHD to figure out how to get the toolbox to disappear .... The list goes on... I don't want this to be too negative since I can see the huge effort, but please give the app to a kid to test, before you release an app like this. If this app isn't for kids then ignore my comments.

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